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    DOWNLOAD — GCN Version: Featured on this episode is columnist Rob Pegoraro, who writes for USA Today, Yahoo Tech and Wirecutter. He’ll discuss what’s expected from Apple’s October 27, 2016 media event, rumored to focus on new Macs, and what might come from it. He’ll also offer his personal experiences with macOS Sierra, cybersecurity and the recent hack of Democratic emails, posted in WikiLeaks, which has become a campaign issue, and tech policy and the election. Rob will also talk about the Pixel, Phone by Google, and its prospects.

    You’ll also hear from  Jeff Gamet, Managing Editor for The Mac Observer. He’ll join Gene in a brief pop culture discussion, comparing the two visions of DC Comics, and whether the more optimistic TV version is a better fit for super hero fans than the dour movie version. The discussion will move to the prospects for the Apple Car, and whether the focus will be on creating a new car or offering a turnkey solution for autonomous driving to be licensed to car makers. Jeff will also talk about the prospects for new Macs at Apple’s media event, expectations for a refreshed MacBook Pro, and the possible fates of two models that haven’t been updated in a while. So will there be a refreshed Mac mini, and what’s going to happen to the Mac Pro? And what about the failure of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and shouldn’t the company take a few lessons on corporate damage control?

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    A Surprising Slant on the Expensive Mac Myth

    October 21st, 2016

    I’ve been involved in more than a few discussions about alleged expensive Macs over the years. Although that was no doubt true in the early years, my contention more recently is that a Mac and PC are in roughly the same price category with comparable specs and bundled software. Sometimes the PC is cheaper, sometimes the Mac.

    Well, you can bet that pronouncement, uncontroversial as it seems to me, received plenty of blowback. I’ve seen loads of comparisons, but most of the hardware specified by the opposition actually wasn’t comparable at all. So the next argument was that Apple should offer Macs that do compete in the lower price ranges. That’s something you can actually argue, although Apple has picked its fights carefully. So the cheapest Mac is the $499 Mac mini, and the cheapest Mac notebook is the $899 MacBook Air.

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    When I Bought a New Mac Every Other Year

    October 20th, 2016

    In 1989, I bought a brand new Mac IIcx. It was a speedy beast for its time, featuring a 16MHz Motorola 68030 processor. The dealer installed 8MB of RAM and a 100MB hard drive. I added the original Apple 14-inch color display, which became a 13-inch after the measurement system was fixed.

    At the time, I really thought I had a pretty high-end setup, short of a Macintosh IIx, but far more affordable. Equipped with software and an Apple LaserWriter II printer, it set me back $14,000 on a lease purchase deal. In those days, I was transitioning my writing and desktop publishing work from an office environment to my home, and the monthly price was quite affordable. To put that price in perspective, if you allow for inflation, it is the equivalent of $27,480.08 in 2016 dollars, very much what you’d pay for a mid-sized car.

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    Is the End of the Mac Drought Near?

    October 19th, 2016

    There are certain media outlets that are well-connected when it comes to Apple. So when Re/code reported that Apple plans to hold a media event on Thursday, October 27th, presumably to launch new Macs, you can probably take it to the bank. Indeed, that’s as late as it can get to announce Mac upgrades and have them ship before the end of the month or early in November. This explains why the date for the release of Apple’s September quarter financials was moved to October 25th.

    In any case, the official invitations went out to selected media outlets on Wednesday. Is the announcement, bearing the phrase, “hello again,” a reminder that Apple hasn’t given up Macs? Clearly it’s a smaller event, since it’ll occur at the Apple Campus.

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    The Apple Car May Never Be

    October 18th, 2016

    Apple’s participation in the auto business has been on a fairly basic level. With CarPlay, you can “play” or stream some apps from your iPhone onto your vehicle’s infotainment system. While you can keep tabs on email and other messages, it works best with mapping and music. Unfortunately, it’s also somewhat awkward to use, because you have to connect your iPhone to the auto’s USB port with a lightning cable.

    I’ve had limited opportunities to use CarPlay, since a couple of friends have new cars that support the system. But to be fair to everyone, car makers generally also support Google’s competitor, Android Auto, which is meant to offer similar features.

    Eventually, you’ll be free of the need for cabling. Beginning in 2017, the BMW 5 Series sedan will support the wireless version of CarPlay. But it’s an expensive alternative, since the 5 Series usually costs upwards of $50,000 unless your dealer is offering a smokin’ deal.

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