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May 23, 2015: Meet the Night Owl himself, the incomparable Gene Steinberg, best-selling technology author and columnist. Get to know Gene, and discover his unique, thought-provoking viewpoints about the technology universe, from the always-fascinating happenings at Apple Inc. to consumer electronics, innovative products and overall trends in the tech industry.

Each week, Gene speaks directly to the industry’s movers and shakers, including corporate leaders, industry analysts, and regular panels that feature the most respected journalists who cover personal technology.

On this week’s all-star episode, we feature Josh Centers, Managing Editor for TidBITS, and author of “Take Control of Apple TV” and other titles, who will talk about  the use case for Apple Watch, and whether he would have kept his had he not been a tech editor. He’ll also talk about the prospects for the next Apple TV and whether Apple will add support for 4K TV. Do people even care about 4K and other fancy TV features? Josh will also discuss his one month as an AOL member.

You’ll also hear from tech columnist Rob Pegoraro, of USA Today and Yahoo Tech, who will cover what may be the beginning of the end for AOL, which is being acquired by Verizon. He’ll also talk about cable cord cutting, Comcast’s efforts to make the company more likable to customers, prospects for an Apple branded TV subscription service, the fight over the Patriot Act and NSA surveillance, and the arrival of EMV security on credit cards in the U.S.

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Download NOW PLAYING! May 16, 2015 — Peter Cohen and Kirk McElhearn

We present Peter Cohen, Mac Managing Editor for iMore, who covers a number of topics, including the 30th anniversary of Apple’s database program, FileMaker Pro. He’ll also discuss the curious saga of MacKeeper, which advertises itself as an app that enhances OS X, the ongoing problems with OS X Yosemite, speculation about the next Apple TV and cable cord-cutting.

You’ll also hear from Kirk McElhearn, who is also known as Macworld’s “iTunes Guy,” who recounts his experiences in setting up and using his new Apple Watch. He’ll also discuss suggestions that Apple may want to consider rebranding OS X in 2016, when iOS 10 is expected to appear. What about returning to Mac OS?

Download May 9, 2015 — Susie Ochs and Jeff Gamet

On this week’s all-star episode, you’ll hear from Susie Ochs, Executive Editor of Macworld, who covers speculation about the next Apple TV set-top box. What features is Apple going to add? Siri support, a touch-based remote, and what about the new higher-resolution TV format, 4K (Ultra HD)? Susie also talks about her experiences as owner of an Apple Watch, and how it’s become an important part of her digital lifestyle.

You’ll also hear from Jeff Gamet, Managing Editor for The Mac Observer, The topics of discussion include expectations for the next Apple TV, and the key issue of cutting the cable cord. How are existing cable and satellite providers reacting to the new TV landscape, and would some sort of a la carte scheme, where you only subscribe to the channels you want, present the best solution? Jeff will also talk about the Apple Watch, and what Apple might reveal at the next WWDC, to be held from June 8-12, 2015 in San Francisco. What about the next versions of iOS and OS X?

Download May 2, 2015 — Kyle Wiens, Andrew Goldberg, Adam Engst and Bryan Chaffin

We again offer extensive coverage about the Apple Watch, this time focusing on its usability and potential for success. We also present information on the famous iFixit teardown, featuring Kyle Wiens and Andrew Goldberg, and how the company sent its reps to Australia to get some of the first shipping units to test how easy it is to replace the battery and do other repairs.

Author and publisher Adam Engst, of TidBITS and Take Control Books, is a runner and one of the key uses for his Apple Watch is fitness tracking. Just how well does Apple’s smartwatch fill that purpose?

You’ll also hear from Bryan Chaffin, co-founder and co-publisher of The Mac Observer, who will focus his discussions on Apple Watch prospects, and some takeaways from Apple’s record March quarter financials. Can something be done to boost flagging iPad sales? Will more customers come once they get around to replacing the ones they have?

Download April 25, 2016 — Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus and Kirk McElhearn

There’s heavy coverage of the Apple Watch, which began shipping the weekend this show was broadcast. We’ll cover the sort of customers who might actually want to buy one, and provide a reality check about the crazy critical coverage from people that, for the most part, never actually used one.

First up is prolific author Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus, who was not the first to order an Apple Watch, but did it a few hours later and will wait a few weeks to get his. He also discusses his early feelings about the new MacBook, and how he converted his workflow from a Mac workstation to a MacBook Pro with Retina display.

You’ll also hear from commentator Kirk McElhearn, who is also known as Macworld’s “iTunes Guy,” who will tell you about his experiences trying on an Apple Watch after he ordered two of them, and whether he regretted his decision. He’ll also explain why he cancelled his order for a MacBook, and about the limits of online backups. Hint: It’s all about the dreaded bandwidth cap that may come into play if you upload too much of your stuff and it exceeds your ISP’s monthly allotment for you.

Download April 18, 2015 — John Martellaro, Kyle Wiens and Andrew Goldberg

We present John Martellaro, Senior Editor, Analysis & Reviews for The Mac Observer and a columnist for The Street, with a big plate of topics. He’ll explain how his skepticism about Apple’s new MacBook was lessened after he had a chance to use one, and why it’s not a “4-year step backward.” Apple Watch is also on the agenda, as John suggests it won’t be a luxury for long. The topics of discussion also include why iPad sales are faltering, the Microsoft Surface 3 tablet, and Apple’s new association with IBM.

You’ll also hear from Kyle Wiens and Andrew Goldberg from iFixit. This time they’ll tell you about their experiences tearing down the new MacBook, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, and some Windows gear. Which models are easy to fix? Which models are just messy? They’ll also outline their plans to take apart the Apple Watch.

Download April 11, 2015 — Josh Centers and Kirk McElhearn

We offer extensive coverage of the Apple Watch launch. You’ll hear from Josh Centers, Managing Editor for TidBITS, and author of “Take Control of Apple TV” and other titles, who will discuss his plans to buy an Apple Watch, and about the use case for the MacBook, Apple’s fancy and super slim notebook that has just one peripheral port. He’ll also talk about a recent report in which Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich, used a wristband and gestures to command four robot spiders. We only wonder why Intel believes anyone cares.

You’ll also hear from outspoken commentator Kirk McElhearn, who is also known as Macworld’s “iTunes Guy,” who will recount his experiences ordering two Apple Watches online. He also wonders why Apple sold out of them so quickly, and why the new MacBook is also back-ordered. We’ll also talk about cheap wireless printing solutions, and the recent iTunes 12.1.2 update that restored the original information window.

Download April 4, 2015 — Peter Cohen and Larry O’Connor

We present outspoken commentator Peter Cohen, Mac Managing Editor for iMore, who talks about a number of subjects, including Apple CEO Tim Cook’s efforts to wade into the political arena with his comments about a controversial religious freedom law in Indiana. Peter also discuss net neutrality, the lack of good Internet service in many parts of the U.S. and, of course, Apple Watch.

You’ll also hear from Larry O’Connor, CEO of Other World Computing. He’ll give you advice on choosing the proper RAM upgrade for Macs, the lifecycle of hard drives, and about the benefits of upgrading to an SSD. He’ll also give you a preview of the new 3D NAND flash technology that will greatly expand solid state drive capacity over the next few years at much lower prices.

Download March 28, 2015 — Jeff Gamet and Rob Pegoraro

We present Jeff Gamet, Managing Editor for The Mac Observer, with a busy agenda. Gene and Jeff will share their 14 years of experience with OS X, and talk about the prospects for USB-C, the new standard that Apple is including as the sole peripheral port, aside from a headphone jack, on the forthcoming 12-inch MacBook. You’ll also hear a discussion about the dueling biographies of Steve Jobs, and whether Apple is engaging in a sort of spin control in order to sanitize the reputation of the company’s mercurial co-founder.

You’ll also hear from columnist Rob Pegoraro, who writes for USA Today, Yahoo Tech and other outlets, who will discuss the confusion and fear mongering surrounding net neutrality. He’ll also talk about Google and the value of the European Union’s “Right to be Forgotten” ruling and its impact on individual privacy. The possibility that Apple will introduce a subscription TV service along with a new Apple TV set-top box, and the implications is also on the agenda.

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