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    DOWNLOAD — Free Version: This episode focuses heavily on Apple TV 4K and Apple’s reported efforts to provide original TV content. Tech journalist Josh Centers, Managing Editor for TidBITS, and author of “Take Control of Apple TV” and other titles, will explain why he is not buying the newest Apple TV. There is an extensive discussion of the state of cord-cutting, and the report that Apple has inked a deal to reboot Steve Spielberg’s anthology series from the 1980s, “Amazing Stories.” Just how does Apple plan to offer this 10-episode show, via Apple Music, separate downloads, a new streaming service? Does the world need another source of streaming TV? There will also be a discussion about Movies Anywhere, a free service that integrates movies and TV shows from several major studios.

    You’ll also hear from Bryan Chaffin, co-founder and co-publisher of The Mac Observer. In this episode, Brian will also talk about the Apple TV 4K and whether it can have any impact in the set-top box market, currently led by Roku. In discussing iOS 11, released in late September, Bryan explains how the new Control Center delivers misleading messages to users. So the act of turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi doesn’t actually turn those services off. Gene explains one of the actual reasons for the slower iOS 11 adoption rate, and he also talks about his offbeat methods for handling unsolicited phone calls, and about a visit by a UPS days after they left a Vizio TV set, sent by the company’s PR department for review, on the open patio of Gene’s Arizona apartment. Was that the responsible thing to do?

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    The Do’s and Don’ts of Creating an Online Gaming Site

    October 20th, 2017

    There’s no question about it, online gaming sites are big business these days. The industry’s advanced light years from its earliest days in the late 1990s and competition is fiercer than ever.

    Some of the big players have tried to counter this with a series of mega mergers but new entrants to the market have to rely on getting everything right from the start if they want to be in with a chance of success. So if you want to be the next big noise in online gaming here are some do’s and don’ts that it would be a good idea to follow.

    DO make sure that you have a strong and distinctive theme. With so many sites competing for a slice of the action you’re going to have to stand out to get noticed. Sure you can do this by making great introductory offers but to keep players loyal it’s going to have to offer more than just that.

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    The Fate of the Mac mini: Is There Now Hope

    October 20th, 2017

    Apple’s cheapest Mac arrived in 2015, only weeks after Apple claimed, during a quarterly conference call with financial analysts, that it would never produce a cheap Mac. Well, they actually labeled cheap PCs as “junk,” but the Mac mini was definitely not junk, even though it was, at $499, fairly cheap.

    It was no frills in another respect since it didn’t come with a keyboard, mouse or display. No doubt Apple wanted users to make do with the accessories from a PC, since it was a perfect way to switch to the Mac without paying for that stuff all over again. Someone with an older Mac might also find it an inexpensive upgrade path, and I know a few people who made that choice.

    The low-profile design, however, wasn’t user friendly when it came to upgrades. The tech media quickly realized you could pry it open with a putty knife or something similar, and, once you had it open, you didn’t have a huge problem upgrading RAM or replacing the hard drive.

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    October 19th, 2017

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    iPhone X Production Problems — Not?

    October 19th, 2017

    Sometimes rumors just get so far away from the truth that the inevitable come down makes you wonder how they all got started in the first place. From the earliest days of stories about the iPhone X — when it was known as the iPhone 8 — there were reports that there would be serious production problems right at the starting gate.

    So the stories went that, since OLED displays have yet to hit what one might call volume production, Apple would have difficulty getting the quantities they needed. When it came to Face ID, well there you go! How could Apple possibly get all the complicated parts sorted out, such as its TrueDepth camera, to build an iPhone X. It will take long months for production to catch up with demand.

    Indeed, I had a guest recently who wondered whether, after ordering an iPhone X on November 3rd, he would have to wait until 2018 to actually receive one. So he planned to set up multiple devices to connect to Apple’s online store when it goes on sale in order to make sure that his order is recorded before it became backordered.

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