The Tech Night Owl LIVE

DOWNLOAD — Free Version All good things must come to an end. After 17 years as a pioneer in online radio and podcasting, this will be the final original episode of The Tech Night Owl LIVE. For this show, we’ve gathered some of our favorite guests to reminisce and talk about the present and the near-future of or favorite fruit company, Apple Inc. It all begins with the early days of the Internet, its complexities, and Apple’s path from Macintosh to iPod, to its most lucrative product, the iPhone, followed by the iPad, Apple Watch and beyond. There will also be an extensive discussion about the prospects for the success of Apple’s fledgling services, which include News+, a premium version of the app offering access to hundreds of magazines and newspapers, and Apple TV+, in which the company is spending billions of dollars to hire top-flight talent to create original TV shows. Where does Apple+ fit in market currently owned by Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and other streaming services? Are there already too many for a newcomer to succeed?

Guests for this very special episode include tech commentator and publisher Adam Engst, Editor and Publisher of TidBITS, outspoken veteran tech commentator Peter Cohen, cutting-edge commentator and podcaster Kirk McElhearn.

Click to hear our latest episode: The Tech Night Owl Live — July 6, 2019

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Newsletter Issue #984: The 2020 Silly Season Starts Early

April 9th, 2020

Apple critics have plenty of ammunition to post attacks, but not because of anything the company has done, or any of its possible failures. It’s in large part very much about the novel coronavirus and its impact on supply chains and sales. Most Apple Stores remain closed, and anyone who actually needs to get their gear fixed, and requires fast turnaround, is going to have a whale of a time getting it done.

That’s true with any tech gadget, but Apple tends to get the lion’s share of attention even if it really isn’t doing anything different from the competition, or even if it’s doing something better.

So if you want a ride into an alternate universe, let’s climb aboard and get going.

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Newsletter Issue #983: The iPad/Mac Convergence Report

April 6th, 2020

When the first iPad debuted in 2010, its reasons for existence were not altogether clear. In large part, it seemed little more than a giant iPod, with the added capability of being able to access cellular data, as an option. It used iOS, and worked with mostly scaled up version of iPhone apps.

Over time, developers learned to take advantage of the larger displays, but it took a while for apps to truly exploit the product differences, and it’s been a long decade.

At first, the iPad was largely regarded as a media consumption device, designed to watch videos from Netflix and YouTube. Despite a growing number of productivity apps, they were largely limited-function subsets of equivalent desktop PC apps.

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Newsletter Issue #982: The End of Apple Media Events?

April 5th, 2020

In the days when Steve Jobs ruled the roost at Apple, a Macworld Expo keynote was a very special event. Even though his patter seemed nearly off the cuff, you just know it was all carefully rehearsed. That’s just elegance of his delivery, to make everything seem as if he were saying it all for the first time.

In that, he was the consummate actor.

But where Jobs truly excelled was to make you believe that the product or service he introduced was something really special, something that had never, ever been done before. It didn’t matter if it was little more than a minor refresh of the previous year’s model.

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Newsletter Issue #981: The Backdoor Controversy Revisited and Other Stuff

April 1st, 2020

t’s been a while since I’ve posted. So the world copes with the ravages of the novel coronavirus, most Apple Stores remain closed, and speculation is rampant on whether or not new products will appear on time.

Where is ET when we need them — it?

Despite the concerns about delays in new Apple gear, the iPad Pro has received a fairly comprehensive upgrade, in large part based on iOS 13.4, which adds fairly capable support for input devices, such as trackpads. It thus becomes more of a laptop replacement than ever, but it’s also closer in concept to the mythical toaster oven and refrigerator by dint of its touchscreen and keyboard/trackpad capability.

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