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  • The One Paragraph Update to the Final Panther Update

    April 30th, 2005

    I really believed it wouldn’t happen, but it did. The 10.3.9 update wasn’t the last for Panther. A strange Java-related bug that apparently slipped through Apple’s quality control process intervened and thus begat the Java Update for Mac OS 10.3.9. Says Apple: “After updating to Mac OS X 10.3.9, some systems may have issues with Java applications and Java-enabled web sites when using Safari. Safari may unexpectedly quit, and standalone Java applications may unexpectedly quit or not launch. This update resolves that issue.” This is, of course, nothing startling, since the problem was reported within hours after the update hit the Software Update preference panels. If the new update, a 1MB file, doesn’t show up for you, and you’re running 10.3.9, go ahead and download your copy from Apple. So can we now close the books on Panther? Well, I suppose there will be some more security updates, but let’s hope that’s it and we can now move on to 10.4 with no regrets.

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