• The Ongoing, Never Ending WWDC Report: Preflight Edition

    June 11th, 2005

    The speculation continues to mount. And it didn’t begin with those rumor sites. Instead, it first came from such respected sources as The Wall Street Journal and CNET’s news.com. Since then, The New York Times and Leander Kahney, author of “The Cult of Mac,” have chimed in.

    It means that the speculation may indeed have some degree of credibility, that Apple is going to migrate to Intel Inside over the next year or two. If true, it probably isn’t just to allow Intel to pick up some of Apple’s advertising budget. In advance of the expected official announcement, I’m not going to dive in and join the fray. The best I will say is that, whether the stories are accurate or not, curiosity is now at a fever pitch about what’s going to happen during today’s keynote address at the WWDC in San Francisco. In fact, you can almost believe it’s deliberate, that the information or disinformation is being deliberately fed to certain reporters. Well, almost.

    By the time you read this article, I’ll be preparing to sit in the press box at Moscone North, and, assuming decent wireless networking in the auditorium during the keynote, you’ll get early updates. If a switch to Intel chips happens, there are many ramifications and many possibilities to consider. Will it be x86, or another PowerPC variant. How will developers react if the former?

    Stay tuned. The fun is just beginning.

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