• The Ongoing, Never Ending WWDC Report: Weekend Edition

    June 4th, 2005

    You’ve heard the speculation. And when that speculation comes from such sources as The Wall Street Journal and CNET’s news.com, you have to believe something is up, that Apple is going to migrate to Intel Inside over the next year or two. If true, it probably isn’t just to allow Intel to pick up some of Apple’s advertising budget. In advance of any official announcement of what’s going on, the best I can say is that, whether the rumors are accurate or not, curiosity is at a fever pitch about what’s going to happen during Monday’s keynote address at the WWDC in San Francisco. Seems every time Jobs is planning on a keynote in recent years, big time rumors crop up in the days prior to the event. You can almost believe it’s deliberate, that the information or disinformation is being deliberately fed to certain reporters. Well, almost.

    We’ll be on hand for the festivities, and, assuming decent wireless networking in the auditorium during the keynote, you’ll get early updates. Until then, I’ve nothing new to say on the subject. If a switch to Intel chips happens, there are many ramifications and many possibilities to consider. I’ve already given my views on the subject over the years, and for now I’ll just sit back and watch the fun.

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