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  • Microsoft Reacts to Boot Camp Release

    April 8th, 2006

    It appears to be business as usual for Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit, despite Apple’s solution to running Windows on an Intel-based Mac. A Microsoft spokesperson told The Mac Night Owl, shortly after yesterday’s Boot Camp release, that “The announcement from Apple this morning serves as continued evidence that some Mac users have a need to run Windows on the Mac. We’ve long recognized this need and offer Mac PowerPC users Virtual PC emulation software. The Mac BU continues to work with Apple to investigate the future of Virtual PC on Intel-based Macs. The Boot Camp beta offers an immediate dual boot option for Mac users who need occasional use of Windows.”

    “The Mac BU remains in the best position to provide a fully integrated non-dual boot solution that works with and takes advantage of Windows operating systems. Mac BU continues to work with Apple to incorporate changes in the OS that could allow a Virtual PC solution to work on Intel-based Macs. In addition, we’re in the process of building universal applications of Office for Mac and Messenger for Mac. We are absolutely committed to Mac users as demonstrated by our proven history on the Mac platform and five-year agreement with Apple that we announced earlier this year.”

    Assuming Virtual PC is developed as a Universal version, and it can emulate Windows at nearly full native speed, the convenience factor would be tremendous. No dual-booting will be required, and you’ll be able to seamlessly transfer files between the two environments, which is something you cannot do with Boot Camp. But for now, until a truly speedy virtualization alternative is available, and the present offerings don’t seem to qualify, Boot Camp is the way to go.

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