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    May 18th, 2006

    The original Mac Night Owl site debuted in late 1999, and, in the ensuing years, I have made just one major redesign. The rest was relatively minor, until now.

    As much as you readers liked the original layout, it was a little difficult to implement from my standpoint. Archives and RSS feeds had to be updated manually, so my morning efforts were complicated with extra chores that, if done improperly, would just make it hard for you to find what you want.

    Our new design retains the best of the old, but makes it easier to connect to our Atom and RSS feeds, and check archives. As you can see now, you can even make comments and participate in online discussions about the daily commentaries.

    I know you want to be able to print the pages you see on the screen, and we plan to add other features, such as the ability to email a page to a friend, in the very near future. Moreover, with nearly seven years of material to migrate, it will take some time before that task is complete. All of the material for 2006 is present and accounted for, and the rest will be rolled in over the next few months. In the meantime, if you’ve already linked to any of our older content, be assured those links won’t have to be changed. They will either continue to point to the existing content, or automatically redirect to the new version.

    My special thanks to our new Webmaster, Brent Lee, for working days and nights to make it all happen.

    And now, onward and upward.

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