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Newsletter #347 Preview: Sorry, There Are No Heroes

In the scheme of things, Apple has what is considered the best support in the PC industry, but don’t feel too confident about that, because that may not be saying much. Based on the surveys in Consumer Reports magazine, for example, the company barely rates a “B,” and that’s not something to be proud of.

While I have had good experiences with Apple from time to time, there was a sadder, still uncertain outcome, with my last effort.

My 23-inch Apple HD Cinema Display began to develop some display anomalies. A large grayish smudge began to fill the top of the screen, and four thin vertical lines, from two or three inches in length, began to appear with more prominence. Since the monitor was barely three months old, I wanted to see what sort of warranty support I could get.

The Apple support person, someone named “Scott,” who said he worked at their call center in Pennsylvania, seemed courteous enough when I called. He first asked me to connect the display to my MacBook Pro’s DVI port, just to see if the problems persisted, and, yes, they were still in evidence.

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