Newsletter #351 Preview: The Kind of Virus Even a Mac User Must Fear

August 21st, 2006

Yes, I know the stories. Mac users are not susceptible to viruses because the criminals responsible for malware don’t really care about a platform with a worldwide market share in the low single digits. If Apple’s efforts to boost the number of Macs in homes and businesses bear fruit, there will be plenty of threats coming our way.

Of course, the people who insist this is true don’t bother considering the fact that Mac market share was actually higher years ago, and the number of computer viruses affecting the platform was still small. Today, with a solid Unix foundation, Mac OS X surely isn’t totally immune to infection, but the situation still will be far better.

But nothing is perfect. Worse, there’s one thing that even the most powerful anti-virus, anti-virus and firewall software can’t prevent, and that is human error. Even on your Mac, you can do things that will cause you not only unending grief, but severe financial loss.

And, no, my friends, this is not just a scare tactic. It’s the cold, hard truth!

Story continued in this week’s Tech Night Owl Newsletter.

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