The Mac Night Owl and Opera Play Nicely Together

August 8th, 2006

While our new site design has gotten a surprising number of compliments, there have been minor teething problems along the way, which our Webmaster, Brent Lee, has resolved with a few programming miracles here and there. One lingering problem remained, and that is with the latest versions of Opera. Our Archives display, for example, failed to deliver a proper bulleted directory of recent articles, and the Next and Previous links wouldn’t function. Well, Opera’s Joen P. Olsen worked closely with Brent to resolve the remaining issues, so as of today, The Mac Night Owl should function normally in Opera 9.01.

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3 Responses to “The Mac Night Owl and Opera Play Nicely Together”

  1. TjL says:

    Thanks! Opera is my favorite Mac browser, and I’m always glad when people make extra effort to make sure it works.

    Ideally it wouldn’t be needed, but we’re clearly not in an ideal world.

  2. brent lee (webmaster macnightowl) says:

    The pleasure was all mine.

  3. brent lee (webmaster macnightowl) says:

    The most amazing “programming miracle” was this wonderful script that makes IE display flash correctly!

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