Newsletter #356 Preview: The Mac Hardware Report: Quality Control Problems Recede

September 25th, 2006

You can definitely say that the spring and summer seasons weren’t particularly pleasant for Apple’s technical support people. With persistent reports of ongoing defects with the MacBook and MacBook Pro, and a huge battery recall to contend with, you might wonder why some bother working such a pressure-laden and thankless job.

True, the arrival of the Intel-based iMac seemed to go off without many troubles of note. The basic form factor and internal layout had already been perfected with PowerPC versions, so the transition was an afterthought. The same might be said for the Mac mini, which also seemed relatively trouble-free in the scheme of things.

Although Apple’s note-books look similar to previous models, the internal components were quite different, and things didn’t go as smoothly. At first, the MacBook Pro got a bad rap for running hot, although it did seem to me that PowerBooks weren’t so cool either. To make matters worse, some reported a sort of “mooing” or whining noise whenever the external temperature seemed to max out.

Understandably, some Mac users downloaded Dashboard widgets and other software to monitor the internal temperature of the CPU and other components, just to be sure they weren’t overheating.

Story continued in this week’s Tech Night Owl Newsletter.

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