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Newsletter #360 Preview: The Silly Season Revisited: Should Dell Take Over Mac Hardware?

It seems that almost anyone these days with the title “analyst” can go ahead and make a downright absurd claim and have it taken seriously. Take the Gartner Group, which is now suggesting that Apple should stop building Macs and hand off that assignment to Dell.

I remember what that fellow named Forrest Gump said in that famous movie: “Stupid is as stupid does,” and to call Gartner’s pronouncement stupid is an understatement.

Gartner’s theory, such as it is, is that Intel is giving Apple a sweetheart deal on processors to allow it to keep prices low. It also claims other suppliers are doing the same, which is why Macs are priced so competitively in today’s marketplace.

Well, at least Gartner is not repeating the silly claim that Macs are more expensive than comparably-equipped PCs, or is that really their excuse? At the same time, they provide no evidence as to how much Apple is being propped up by its suppliers, or even that it happens at all. That is, first and foremost, one of the biggest faults in this argument, but there are others.

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