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Newsletter #367 Preview: The Tiger Report: Overcoming Inertia

On a fairly regular basis, I talk about the problems remaining in Mac OS X, despite five major releases.

First, the positives: Each update is said to be faster and more supremely stable than the previous release, in contrast to Microsoft, which as onerous system requirements for Windows Vista, requirements that up to half of the existing PCs cannot meet. Indeed, unless you have a very powerful PC, the Vista experience is apt to be second-rate, with some of its fancier graphical features disabled.

Now there is really no official word on what systems will be supported and what systems might be left behind with Leopard. Some suggest you won’t be able to run it on a G3, which leaves behind iBooks that will be barely four years old when Leopard arrives.

Of course, those computers don’t really do that great a job with Tiger either, so maybe it’s time for them to be retired or set up to handle backup chores, or used as a dedicated fax machine or phone management computer.

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