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Newsletter #374 Preview: Welcome to the Politically Incorrect World of Godaddy

I have a history with Go Daddy, the world’s largest domain registrar. That’s a company where you can register your Internet domains, and they do a huge business hosting your Web sites. You see, our Webmaster, Brent Lee, had been referring his clients to Go Daddy for several years, and suggested that I follow suit.

I remember that week, in the spring of 2006, quite well, when I spent several hours transferring our online files to their new homes. Understand that things were simpler then, because we didn’t use database-driven publishing tools for this site, and for the message board systems on the rest of our repertoire.

Today, this would be a problem, one that I had to overcome myself since our Webmaster went on a month-long hiatus. But that’s another story.

Although service had a few hiccups along the way, such as slow performance at times, it worked well for me, until one day I got an email from Go Daddy’s “Abuse” team about an alleged infraction, where I supposedly sent an ad to someone who claimed he didn’t request it.

Understand that I take spam very, very seriously, and we have a clear privacy policy posted in our weekly newsletters that we’ll never give out your name and/or email address to anyone. So just what was going on here?

Story continued in this week’s Tech Night Owl Newsletter.