Newsletter #377 Preview: The Rumor Report: Do You Really Believe that Stuff?

February 18th, 2007

This week, while casually surfing the Internet between stints editing my radio shows, I caught a couple of articles speculating about a possible new miniature note-book from Apple. It hearkens back to the PowerBook 2400, which was popular in Japan, but not so popular in the U.S.

Now it might make sense from a business standpoint to have a product that would invigorate stalling Mac sales in Japan, which is a huge market for technological goodies. While it might be a nice idea, Apple really isn’t forced to build “world computers,” which must be essentially the same from one end of the planet to another.

At the same time, forget the logic of such a product. The facts are that nothing of the sort has been announced by Apple, and rumors in the past that one plant or another is about to build one of these computers haven’t been terribly accurate. In fact, you should consider them basically untrue.

So where are the rumor sites getting this stuff, or do the just make it all up, with the hope that a few will catch a breeze and actually represent a forthcoming Apple product? That would give them sufficient bragging rights to demonstrate that they do indeed have great inside sources that deliver the real dirt to them and them alone.

Story continued in this week’s Tech Night Owl Newsletter.

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