The One Paragraph Mac OS 10.4.10 Report

June 20th, 2007

Is this the final Tiger update, or are more to come between now and October? That’s the question that some of you might be pondering as the dust settles on the tenth maintenance release for 10.4. According, to Apple, this particular release addresses a small set of problems that include: RAW camera support, mounting and unmounting external USB devices, support for third party software applications and, of course, security updates. Separate versions appeared Wednesday afternoon in the Software Update panels of PowerPC and Intel Macs, and there’s a variation for Mac OS X Server. Although the early chatter on Mac troubleshooting forums has been mostly positive, you’ll want to observe the usual cautions when you apply this update, which include quitting all open applications before installing and making sure that all Apple applications are put in their default locations, in the Applications folder. But the overriding question is whether Apple will now begin work on 10.4.11 or return to wrapping up Leopard.

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3 Responses to “The One Paragraph Mac OS 10.4.10 Report”

  1. Ilgaz says:

    Thanks to excellent Pacifist ( ) I see many Applications updated.

    Mail, iSync, Bluetooth stuff . iChat, Safari and many more.

    /bin/ directory updated too, new Bash etc.

    Sbin updated with new fsck etc. commands. Many more stuff but I don’t want to comment spam.

  2. I suspect that 10.4.10 may also contain a few Leopard oriented API changes. There are lots of applications that seem to require the last update to the previous OS X release, and won’t run on older versions.

  3. Dana Sutton says:

    “But the overriding question is whether Apple will now begin work on 10.4.11 or return to wrapping up Leopard.” Maybe I’m wrong, but I assume that there are separate teams within Apple, one assigned to maintaining Tiger and another to developing Leopard. If I’m right, the work of one team doesn’t necessarily have any impact on that of the other.

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