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Newsletter #402 Preview: I Go to Visit the Apple Store

So a client, a semi-retired jazz concert producer, called me the other day and asked me to set up a wireless router for him. I thought for a moment about the $60 variety available at many consumer electronics outlets, but then decided that this wasn’t such a good idea.

You see, this particular client wants something that’ll last a few years. He doesn’t want to have to replace the router frequently, which is sometimes the case with less costly products, alas. Besides, phone support for many of those companies can be dreadful, because it has been sent overseas and is handled by people with meager language capabilities.

I won’t mention the names of those companies. Instead, I decided to spend an extra $120 or so of my client’s money — with his full knowledge and consent — and chose the Apple AirPort Extreme base station instead.

That afternoon, I drove down to the Apple Store at the Biltmore, an upscale shopping center a short drive from the center of Phoenix, prepared for a quick shopping tour and a fast return home to set the device up before visiting the client’s home office the following morning.

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