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Newsletter #407 Preview: Memo to PC Users: Why Do You Take All This Abuse?

I must admit that I am perhaps a little too tolerant of people who use Windows. Yes, when the occasion arises, I do express the appropriate Mac preference, but I don’t wear an Apple logo on my sleeve.

In fact, I readily accept the need to use Windows on some occasions, particularly in situations where there is no Mac equivalent to the software you need for your business, or adapting to a new application may prove difficult and costly.

On the other hand, I often feel sorry that so many businesses depend on Microsoft to operate their mission-critical software, particularly banks and hospitals, where any service interruption or slow-down can have serious consequences.

A year or two back, I read a report from Consumer Reports, which tends to favor PCs in its coverage, talking of billions of dollars of losses to industries as a result of Windows malware. You had to consider just how the affected companies financed those losses, and the conclusion is obvious. They would simply raise the cost of their products or services, and you and I would foot the bill.

Story continued in this week’s Tech Night Owl Newsletter.