Newsletter #408 Preview: Time to Talk About Leopard’s Successor Yet?

September 23rd, 2007

If all goes as planned, Leopard will reach the DVD pressing plants in a week or two and arrive in the stores before the end of October. Sure, nobody knows for certain when until the official statement from Apple that the Golden Master version has been declared.

For now, I’ll assume that Apple will meet its promised goal. I have no inside information to present, and I will take the reports on the rumor sites that the GM is near with a grain of salt. On the other hand, if there are a few lingering bugs of any seriousness, Apple may simply get 10.5 out the door speedily, and then fix the rest with a fast follow-up involving a 10.5.1 and a 10.5.2.

Once the release hits the store shelves, you’ll read lots and lots of commentary over how well it does, and depending on the timing, we hope to have one of the first reviews that weekend. I’m guessing that it’ll probably ship with a special event on a Friday evening, and I would submit it’ll happen on October 19th or 26th. How’s that for an iron-clad prediction? I’m leaning towards the latter, by the way.

No, I won’t take bets, and I’m not using tea leaves. It’s just a feeling, and nothing more, but I prefer to concentrate on such things on our paranormal radio show, rather than in a tech column.

Story continued in this week’s Tech Night Owl Newsletter.

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2 Responses to “Newsletter #408 Preview: Time to Talk About Leopard’s Successor Yet?”

  1. October 31. 11:59 PM. 🙂 That’d be pretty paranormal.

  2. October 31. 11:59 PM. 🙂 That’d be pretty paranormal.

    Yes, I can hear a John Williams theme even as I contemplate the possibilities.


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