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The One Paragraph Leopard Arrives on October 26 Report

There are two things that are certain. Apple loves Friday for shipping operating system upgrades, and they were going to deliver Leopard by hook or crook before the end of the month. So these two events have coalesced with the unsurprising news that Leopard will officially arrive on October 26 at 6:00 PM local time in your city. Talk about cutting it close. Sporting some 316 new or improved features, Mac OS 10.5 will require a G4 with an 867MHz processor or faster, a G5 or an Intel-based Mac. That not only leaves the G3 buried in the sands of history, but also excludes many G4 Macs built more than four years ago. Oh yes, if you bought a new Mac on or after October 1st, you can get Leopard for $9.95. So readers, start your credit cards, and let’s begin our 10.6 wish lists. And you have to wonder just how long the PowerPC will be supported in future Mac OS releases.