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Newsletter 416 Preview: The Downsides of Mac Tips and Tricks

When I was busy churning over the years churning out loads and loads of books about AOL, Mac OS X and other subjects, my publishers and editors always clamored for tips, tricks and more tips.

So I probably spent a large portion of my research checking out the coolest tips I could find, and making sure they actually worked in precisely as described, and on at least several different Mac systems. You can’t imagine how often I’d check something out, only to find that it wasn’t accurately described, or just didn’t work quite as advertised.

It was almost as if someone had a great theory that just didn’t pan out in practice.

Now that we have a new operating system in place, those of you who lust after the greatest tips on the planet are now ready to see how far you can stretch the power into Leopard in ways that Apple never anticipated.

Story continued in this week’s Tech Night Owl Newsletter.