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    November 14th, 2007

    Are you ready to write Tiger’s epitaph? Well, despite the fact that Wednesday afternoon’s release of the Mac OS 10.4.11 updater represents the last major update for that system, there will most likely be security fixes from time to time. As usual, the latest Tiger maintenance release has a slew of changes, some of which are security related, and you can get a pretty full picture with from Apple’s online document on the subject. You’ll also notice that the Safari 3 update is part of the package, which spells doom for older Safari add-ons. In addition, Apple released an updated Safari 3 beta for Windows, plus a number of updates — some Leopard-related — for its professional multimedia applications. Indeed, the Soundtrack Pro 2 patch, which takes that audio application to 2.0.2, fixed an annoying file saving problem I had encountered since installing Leopard. And, yes, we know Apple’s 10.5.1 update is out, and I’ll have more to say about that in Friday’s commentary.

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