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The One Paragraph 10.5.2 Report

After being rumored for weeks, the sprawling Mac OS 10.5.2 update showed up in millions of Software Update preference panels on Monday afternoon. With over 75 improvements and bug fixes, this 343MB upgrade has plenty to chew over, and I’ll leave it to you to see if your particular Leopard problem has been fixed or not. Oh yes, the version you see may not be so large, but this is the standalone updater, which is always to be recommended if you run into trouble. Perhaps the most intriguing updates, though, are actually feature changes. Transparent menus are less transparent, and you can switch off the controversial transparent menu bar in the Desktop & Screen Saver preference panel. The Stacks feature has also gotten lots of negatives, and the 10.5.2 version appears to reflect changes first suggested by Macworld’s Dan Frakes: “The single biggest complaint about Stacks could be remedied if an option were added for forcing the stack to display in a Tiger-like hierarchical menu….Another simple improvement would be to let the user choose — via a similar setting in a stack’s options menu — a stack’s Dock icon: the actual folder icon, a generic icon, or the current ‘determined-on-the-fly’ icon.” Apple clearly listened. Way to go Dan.