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Newsletter #431 Preview: So Apple is Succeeding or Failing or Something

Every time I read an article about how Apple is doing at any particular point in time, finding a consensus is near to impossible.

One so-called analyst will tell you how Apple’s sales are exceeding expectations and they are poised for a blow-out quarter, while the next will take what appears to be the same set of data and present precisely the reverse conclusion.

The stock market, of course, walks the proverbial tightrope. Even the merest suggestion of bad news is sufficient to send a stock tumbling, although Apple seems to garner a higher level of extreme reactions than most companies.

Even the suggestion that far too many iPhones had not been activated was sufficient to create the unfounded impression that boxes and boxes were left unsold in warehouses and in dealer storerooms. None of this was ever confirmed with any verifiable information, but it was sufficient to cause panic.

Then came the contrary point of view that the numbers were accurate, except that they had been unlocked and resold overseas in regions where there was no official iPhone support. And certainly a fair number are being used here with T-Mobile, the “other” GSM wireless service.

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