Newsletter #432 Preview: So Apple Is After the Enterprise After All

March 9th, 2008

The conventional wisdom has it that Apple doesn’t really care so much about the enterprise. They have made tons of money from consumers, educational users and small businesses, and the sacrifices required to go to big companies hasn’t appealed to Apple.

At least so far.

It’s not that Apple hasn’t been interested in business users. Quite often, though, they enter a company via the back door, through a company executive who tries a Mac or an iPhone and just loves it. Then the IT people are exhorted to add Apple support to the mix.

The other route is a company’s art department, where the majority of content creators still want their Macs, even though most of the software they will ever use comes in a Windows version.

If things had continued in this fashion, I don’t think Apple would have reason to complain. Their sales and profits would continue to rise. However, when it comes to Apple, never say never. Things may be about to change big time.

Story continued in this week’s Tech Night Owl Newsletter.

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3 Responses to “Newsletter #432 Preview: So Apple Is After the Enterprise After All”

  1. Blackbeardberry says:

    aiding converts since June 2007

    Pass it on

  2. Good info. Thanks.


  3. Steve says:

    Yes, I think they are, at least in part. Apple’s strategy seems to be one of getting Enterprise business from the edge, not the center. They don’t appear to be after the core systems and applications (although they may have a very capable system for this purpose).

    What I find most interesting is that anything written for the iPhone can easily be run on any OS X device. If the iPhone has push email, calendar and contacts exchange support, so can any Mac and just as importantly any new device built on the same platform. Even the games demoed for the iPhone, could be run on any Mac. I’m sure the accelerometer functionality can easily be added to the Mac by game controllers.

    The iPhone SDK will bring many new developers to the “iPhone” platform. The surprise realization will be when everyone understands there is no iPhone platform, there is just one unified OS X platform, and all applications developed for this platform will run on all related devices. Now this could be huge.

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