The One Paragraph iPhone SDK Report

March 6th, 2008

Well, it looks like Microsoft is going to be getting some cash from Apple and RIM has a lot to fear in their lucrative business market. During a session with tech journalists on Thursday morning, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the long awaited iPhone SDK. Available as a free download, it is basically an updated version of Apple’s Xcode development environment that lets you program for the iPhone. This will mean games, an AIM instant messaging client and other cool stuff beginning in June, when version 2.0 of the iPhone software is rolled out to users. Most significant, however, is the fact that has licensed Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync, and will embed it right into the Mail application on an iPhone. That and other new features, such as Cisco IPsec VPN, will enable business users to readily embrace iPhones and, Apple hopes, send their Blackberries out to pasture. Although the iPhone SDK is free, if you want to actually sell your stuff to iPhone users courtesy of the new Apps Store, you have to enroll in one of Apple’s iPhone Developer Program packages, beginning at $99 per year. And, oh yes, let Apple keep 30% of the take on each sale (although free stuff costs nothing to distribute).

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One Response to “The One Paragraph iPhone SDK Report”

  1. shane blyth says:

    saw the live coverage and looks great.
    I was really impressed how in 2 weeks a single person could pull an app or a game together The Sega game and EA one shown was very impressive again they only took 2 weeks to do what they showed. I also smiled a llitle at how aps where delivered to the iphone with a nice single icon that also showed updates if available as it sure looked alot like AppTap for jailbroken iphones which is nice. Free stuff staying free is awesome!
    Crazy how you can remotely erase your iphone if it is stolen (well through exchange or something to do with corporate setups this works.)
    All in all very impressive and as I already have a ton of apps on my jailbroken iphone (no iphone sales in my country) alls this will do is give me a bunch more to choose from.
    Well done Apple

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