Newsletter #438 Preview: Maybe Macs Are Appliances After All

April 20th, 2008

In the old days, it seemed a rather formidable task to upgrade from one Mac to another. For one thing, you had to figure out what files to keep and which to transfer to the new model. Even with easy networking, this was a complicated process of manual labor to which I didn’t look forward, even though I’ve done it often for myself and others.

Since Apple came up with its Migration Assistant, the process has become far simpler. All you have to do, basically, is start your new Mac and, a few screens into the Setup Assistant, you are asked whether you want to transfer your old data from another Mac or another drive.

Now up until recently, if you wanted to grab your files from your old Mac, you then had to network via FireWire cable to a Mac capable of FireWire Target Mode. That was fine, except for older models that didn’t have FireWire. However, since the MacBook Air came out — and it doesn’t have FireWire — Apple now allows you to migrate via Ethernet, something that I’ve urged for a number of years.

When the process runs correctly, as it does most of the time, you only need to start the transfer, go off for a long lunch, or an evening’s relaxation with your family and friends, and when you return, all of the data you selected will be safely residing in its new home.

Let me tell you of my recent experiences, so you’ll see what I mean.

Story continued in this week’s Tech Night Owl Newsletter.

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