Newsletter #497 Preview: After the WWDC

June 7th, 2009

When many of you read this article, you will know precisely what revelations Apple has in store for us during the WWDC keynote. So rather than simply date myself and make guesses that won’t pan out, or just repeat what all of you have read over and over again, let’s look at what comes after the great event.

You know, for example, that a new iPhone will be almost immediately compared with the just-released Palm Pre. However, to be fair to Palm, it is still a version 1.0 product, whereas Apple has had more time to get the hardware right, and to add key software features.

However, even if the hardware was, minus different features, reasonably comparable, Apple would still have a decided advantage, in the form of the App Store. With over a billion sales and 40,000 selections, there’s a lot of meat and potatoes to fill the needs and desires of both individuals and businesses.

With the version 3.0 software, Apple has also made it possible to attack the vertical markets that have largely eluded them on the Mac platform. You’ll be able to hook up medical diagnostic equipment, scientific measuring devices and other gear to the iPhone’s Dock and perform an unimaginable number of test procedures. As various hardware companies embrace the iPhone, I can foresee the prospects of some choosing to build software for Mac OS X as well, which will enable many businesses to use a Mac natively, rather than depend on a Windows virtual machine or Boot Camp.

Story continued in this week’s Tech Night Owl Newsletter.

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