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Newsletter #500 Preview: Is AT&T the Enemy to Continued iPhone Success?

Not being in an absolute rush to get an iPhone 3GS, I opted to simply order one from Apple’s online store after I got confirmation that I could upgrade without paying an early termination or conversion ransom to AT&T. The order was officially placed on June 23rd for the black 16GB version.

Why not 32GB? Well, largely because I don’t use my white 3G to store video content, and I can certainly fit the relevant portion of my music library within 16GB, so I opted to save my money. Besides, I’ll probably end up upgrading again next year, assuming AT&T allows it.

When I placed the order, I was quoted a shipping delay of two to four business days. But on June 25th, I get a strange email stating: “Our records indicate that we were unable to obtain approval from AT&T to complete your recent iPhone purchase. As a result, we have canceled your iPhone order.”

Understand that you have to undergo a preapproval process before you place an iPhone order, during which time the wireless carrier’s computers are checked and your account and eligibility are verified. So what went wrong?

Story continued in this week’s Tech Night Owl Newsletter.