Newsletter Issue #513: Apple and the Media: The Psycho Talk Never Stops

September 27th, 2009

For the second time in recent days, I want to tip my virtual hat to liberal talk show host Ed Schultz for coining the phrase “psycho talk” on his TV show. Schultz applies that label to political figures and talk show hosts that inhabit the other side of the political spectrum and make what he regards as wacky statements. I’m going to apply it to people who write about the Mac with less than a full deck.

Recently, one tech pundit, who shall remain unnamed, wrote an article going on at length about why every personal computer user should consider upgrading to Windows 7. Although Microsoft’s successor to the failed Windows Vista is primarily a refresh with some interface refinements, the writer in question seems to regard it as a revolution in computer operating systems, and he says that Snow Leopard doesn’t come close.

Understand that Windows 7 has not as yet actually been released. Those who are writing those articles are actually using public betas, or a copy of the alleged “Released To Manufacturing” version, the one that supposedly went to the DVD pressing plants and PC makers to load onto their new computers.

Without personal experience, I’ll accept for the sake of argument that these preliminary versions of Windows 7 are close enough to the final version not to make a significant difference. That will help avoid any arguments on the subject, although we won’t know for sure until the product is actually on sale.

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One Response to “Newsletter Issue #513: Apple and the Media: The Psycho Talk Never Stops”

  1. DaveD says:

    The reason for being.

    Making quality products that last a long time can be a losing proposition for the company.

    But making cheap throwaway products, or high priced, so-so products and/or have a monopoly position in the market is a winning strategy (unfortunately for us). This creates tons of jobs in manufacturing (mostly not in the good old USA) and in product support (some here and too many overseas).

    On the other side of the coin, making crappy, cheap-throwaway products is a loser (definitely for the one-time customer). Making high-priced, not-good products can also be a loser (I “heart” Vista) even for one that has a monopoly position.

    [Kudos for mentioning “Ed Schultz.” I catch his daily radio shows.]

    Windows pundits like politial pundits exist to promote agendas that in the end provide some form of revenue streaming.

    The reason for being.

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