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The One Paragraph Apple Music Event Report

So, in no particular order, Steve Jobs returned to the stage thanking the person whose untimely death gave him a second chance at life. Predictably, there was a new iTunes release, version 9, with simpler, smarter navigation, “genius mixes,” and the ability to copy songs among your home computers. While the iPod retains 73.8% of a mature market, Microsoft has a mere 1.1% with their Zune. You wonder why they are wasting shareholder’s money to build an iPod touch clone? Maybe it’s time for a shareholder’s revolt. In other developments, the iPod classic stays in the product line, and storage is restored to 160GB. The new iPod touch starts at $199 with 8GB, with a 32GB version of $299 and a 64GB version at $399. The iPod shuffle receives new colors: black, silver, pink, green and blue, and a stainless steel version is added for $99 with 4GB storage. But instead of delivering a an iPod with a camera, as the rumor sites predicted, Apple pulled a big one out of their hats once again, with a “one more thing” introduction of a camcorder feature for the new iPod nano, available at $149 for the 8GB version; $179 for the 16GB edition. The Flip video’s $149 camcorder only has 4GB of storage, by the way. The new nano also receives an FM radio and a built-in pedometer. Talk about reinvigorating the iPod line! The session closed out with music from Norah Jones. And, no, there was no Beatles-related announcement folks!