Newsletter Issue #516: Apple and the Press: Stop the Manipulation

October 18th, 2009

There’s one sure thing private industry and governments have in common: Both want to control the medium and the message when it comes to press coverage. This is understandable, and certainly the practice invites both friendly and sometimes contentious interactions between the fourth estate and the object of their coverage.

Apple’s way of manipulating media relations is almost legendary. By and large, they say absolutely nothing, unless they have a product, service, or successful event to announce. If something goes wrong, even if it’s a program defect that might, perchance, cause you to lose a whole lot of files, they are often dragged kicking and screaming into disclosing something about it.

This is most evident when it comes to the so-called Snow Leopard Guest account bug, which can result in the loss of your entire Users folder, amounting to perhaps tens of gigabytes of your precious data. Even though there were widespread reports about the problem, sometimes in Apple’s own support forums, only recently did Apple admit that it’s “investigating” the issue.

There are now published reports that a forthcoming 10.6.2 update will address that bug and other serious issues with Snow Leopard. But Apple won’t won’t confirm that fact until the fix is actually available for download.

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