Newsletter Issue #518: Apple’s Magic Mouse is an Acquired Taste

November 1st, 2009

I have to tell you that I’ve long held a love/hate relationship with Apple’s input devices. Although my very first Mac used the standard Apple mouse, I continued to flirt with replacements. Indeed, this is a quest that continues to this very day.

First there was the legendary Kensington TurboMouse, now known as the ExpertMouse. In theory, it should have freed me from the discomfort of the traditional mouse, but in practice, it proved awkward and ultimately uncomfortable. I also experimented with smaller trackballs without success.

Apple’s Ergonomic Mouse was actually fairly decent, but the ready availability of multibutton mice encouraged me to switch to products from Logitech and even Microsoft. In both cases, I found something that came closer to the ideal.

In recent years, I have used Logitech’s MX Revolution, which seems to fit my right hand perfectly. A newly-refined version, the Performance Mouse MX, is still undergoing testing, but if you’re a southpaw, as I am in other respects, you’re out of luck with either alternative.

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