Newsletter Issue #524: More About the Great Apple/Google Battle to the Death

December 13th, 2009

When Google CEO Eric Schmidt left Apple’s Board of Directors several months ago, you just know it was the final stage of a process that had begun to play itself out much earlier. Although Apple and Google seemed to be working in lock step to fight Microsoft’s dominance, the playing field has clearly changed.

These days, more and more financial and tech pundits are suggesting, with a fair amount of justification, that Apple and Google are beginning their great war over a number of products and services.

Now this doesn’t mean that Apple is going to enter the search engine business anytime soon, or that Google will build personal computers, but there are a load of areas where they are clearly going to compete head on. Indeed, potential competition appears to extend to areas way beyond the obvious.

When Apple recently acquired the Lala streaming music service, it was widely reported that Google was another suitor, but Apple simply got in there and made a better deal. On the other hand, Apple allegedly had demonstrated interest in acquiring a mobile ad service recently. However, Google was the victor when they bought AdMob, a mobile display ad specialist.

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