Newsletter Issue #525: The iMac Report: Some Tiny Irritants

December 20th, 2009

In a little over two and a half weeks since first setting up a 27-inch iMac, custom ordered with the Intel quad-core i7 processor, I have to say that I’m not suffering from any of those niggling bugs reported by some. The images don’t flicker, there’s no band of yellow or other indications of potentially defective hardware.

I can also understand why this new model lineup has been hugely popular with Mac users. At a time when note-books were getting all the love, surveys have shown a tremendous demand for the iMac. Most people who have them are just getting things done rather than fretting over problems.

However, nothing is perfect, and I’ve found a few minor glitches along the way.

One that is particularly troubling is the way my Bose Companion 5 multimedia speaker system, which connects to the USB port, is handled when the iMac drops into sleep mode. Sometimes it’s fine, sometimes the sound just switches off because the speaker has been placed in its own idle mode.

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