Newsletter Issue #536: The Silly Season Starts Early

March 7th, 2010

Apple can’t stay out of the news, not that they’d want to. So in the past couple of weeks, you learned that all the known problems with the 27-inch iMac have been fixed, the iPad ships on April 3rd in the USA, and later that month in other countries and, by the way, Apple is suing a rival smartphone maker, HTC.

Of course it’s the latter story that’s kept the bloggers spouting, if you forgive the pun, patent nonsense, trying to prejudge a lawsuit that involves a number of arcane patent-related issues, the fine details of intellectual property, and complicated legal determinations at which we can only guess.

In fact, most of the reports I’ve read rarely delve into the actual issues that will be litigated. They are far too concerned with the reasons why Steve Jobs would order Apple’s lawyers to seek redress. Where’s the sense in that, they say? At the same time, you don’t read near as much about Nokia’s motives for its complaint against Apple involving royalties for various technologies.

It would seem as if it’s all right for Nokia to go after the big bad Apple, but not for Apple to step up and defend its intellectual property in the proper fashion.

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4 Responses to “Newsletter Issue #536: The Silly Season Starts Early”

  1. Warren Shaw says:

    All the known problems with the 27 inch iMac have not been fixed. If you check the Apple support boards, you will see that the displays have a serious problem with yellow fringing in many instances. Some customers have had machines replaced several times out of current shipping batches to no avail. Other customers have had their lcd panels replaced with the same problem remaining. The problem seems to be design and hardware related. Anyone serious about photography, graphics, or video would have a problem with a display which cannot maintain color integrity. This issue has been discussed since the new model appeared in the Fall and has not been resolved. I have held off purchasing this computer for several months due to concern about this problem.

  2. Warren Shaw says:

    Thanks, Gene. I appreciate your knowledge and perspective. But take a look at this support website on Apple’s boards. It goes on for months. And Apple seems to be willing to replace computers and panels to address the issue. Are all of these people nuts, dreaming or lying?



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