Newsletter Issue #539: Apple’s New Campaign: PR by the Word

March 28th, 2010

Most of you know that famous email address: No doubt many thousands write letters to Steve Jobs, using that address, every single day. Most of it seems to go into a black hole, and you never know who actually reads those messages and how they are processed. For all you know, they are automatically routed into one huge Trash folder and that’s it.

Yet every so often, someone, somewhere, gets a pithy response from “The Man” himself, usually consisting of nothing more than a few quick offhand comments that, in the end, can make your day! If you’re lucky enough to receive such an answer, do you come away feeling your Inbox has been anointed, or do you even wonder whether it’s all real?

I mean, just because the message comes from an address supposedly used by Steve Jobs doesn’t for a moment mean that he ever sees a single message, or if he does, writes a real response. Unless he was seated before you working his iPhone or iPad while writing that message, how would you really know?

Perhaps the address is akin to the address your kids use to send letters to Santa Claus every holiday season. People do read those messages, and sometimes the ones that come from the needy are diverted to the appropriate charitable organization. The rest? Well, why even ask?

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