Newsletter Issue #542: Gartner and IDC Need to Get their Figures Straight

April 18th, 2010

Without going into all of the boring specifics, depending on which set of estimates you believe, Apple is well positioned to grow the Mac platform or, perhaps, they can’t keep pace with the PC industry’s resurgence.

But I will mention one set of numbers. According to Gartner, Apple sold 1.398 million Macs during the March quarter, while IDC sets the figure at 1.13 million. Houston, we have a problem!

Now I realize that these figures are strictly estimates, and there’s apt to be a fudge factor of several percent one way or the other, but when they differ by over 285,000 units, clearly something is very, very wrong. Should we attack their methodology, or do they have a hidden agenda that results in faulty numbers?

I am not about to hazard a guess whether either firm is faking figures here. I don’t know, but Apple will reveal the actual figures this coming week. In the meantime it’s very possible that people who believe that Apple isn’t keeping up against Windows 7 might dump their Apple stock, which would serve the greed of financial gangsters who profit from bad news. But it’s only short-term.

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