Newsletter Issue #543: Yes, the iPhone is a Personal Computer Too

April 25th, 2010

Just the other day, I noticed that I hadn’t touched my MacBook Pro, an Early 2008 model, in several days, other than to use it as an audio monitoring station for the radio shows. At the same time, my iPhone had been in daily use for a surprisingly large portion of my computing needs, once I had finished my workday on the iMac of course.

But isn’t it just a smartphone? How does that have any connection whatever to a personal computer?

Well, let’s imagine for the sake of argument that the iPhone is nothing more than a tiny Mac with a variation of OS X optimized for a handheld device that sports a touchscreen and extremely limited system resources. Of course, that is precisely what the iPhone happens to be.

Of course this distinction is blurred because you don’t see the traditional computer desktop, and the usual proliferation of folders and icons. Yes, there are the icons, representing different apps, and, of course, wallpaper, a backdrop that is equivalent to the desktop pattern on your Mac or PC. But that’s hardly different from other smartphones and so-called feature phones.

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