Newsletter Issue #546: How About Law & Order: Silicon Valley?

May 16th, 2010

With the announcement this week that the long-running TV series, “Law & Order,” would fade away and be replaced by a version focused on Los Angeles rather than New York City, you have to wonder whether that’s the right city for a weekly crime procedural. After all, it seems the biggest story of all is playing out in Apple’s backyard, and the nasty details may even be fodder for a TV movie at the very least.

Certainly that ongoing soap opera about a certain prototype iPhone and its infamous path has garnered an incredible amount of attention in both the tech and mainstream media. Let’s not forget that the motto of Law & Order was “ripped from the headlines,” and clearly there are plenty of those to be found about this unfortunate episode.

Now, with the disclosure of the search warrant document used as the justification to allow the authorities to seize computers and other gear from the home of Gizmomo editor Jason Chen, a clear picture has begun to emerge over what might have actually happened.

Understand that I have already gone on record as suggesting that the episode wasn’t the result of the accidental loss of a prototype iPhone, but was a sting operation designed to ensnare potential evildoers who dare seek out and disclose Apple’s trade secrets. Nothing in the affidavit would appear to confirm that viewpoint, but it’s not as if the possibly is disproven, since that information would likely not come out until an actual trial or evidentiary hearing is held.

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