Newsletter Issue #547: Those Wacky Apple Critics

May 23rd, 2010

It’s perfectly legitimate to criticize Apple for a host of reasons. Some of you might feel the company is too overbearing when it comes to enforcing a tight ecosystem on their mobile and personal computing platforms. Others don’t like the fact that Apple doesn’t sell cheap gear, and sticks to the most profitable price points. They’d rather have a $500 Mac, but at least they can get a reasonable substitute, the iPad, for that price, assuming you can find one in stock.

In recent weeks, though, a few uninformed alleged tech journalists have come forth to repeat the claim that Apple is losing luster with their customers, and that they are poised to desert, in droves, to other computing and smartphone platforms. This comes as Apple continues to experience record sales and profits, so I trust you see the disconnect between such allegations and plain old logic.

Whereas it was common in the old days to refer to Apple as a “beleaguered” company, the chatter today is that they’ve grown too large and they need to be stopped before they — what? — take over the world? I’m not sure from what we’re supposed to be protected.

Certainly you can look at all the speculation dressed as fact and perhaps find a few snippets of accuracy. But, like certain radio and TV talk show hosts that I won’t name, they use this scanty evidence as the basis for extrapolation to create the illusion of major developments.

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