Newsletter Issue #553: A Fable of the Secret Handshake

July 4th, 2010

Some time back, AT&T ran a series of ads that proclaimed their service would deliver more bars and fewer dropped calls than the competition. Well, maybe they were more accurate on the former than they ever imagined.

Just the other day, Apple, in its latest excuse about the source of alleged antenna woes on the iPhone 4, claimed that the real problem is not the deteriorated reception, but the way signal strength is displayed. In short, they claimed to have been producing too many bars for too little signal.

Worse, this particular problem has evidently afflicted all iPhones from Day One, because Apple used the wrong algorithm to produce the bar display. Instead, they will henceforth be relying on AT&T’s algorithm, which is said to be more honest.

Of course that raises a bigger question, which is how on Earth did this serious defect escape Apple’s notice until they were inundated with complaints about reception problems with the latest and greatest iPhone? Did they not think for one second to test the accuracy of these displays in real world conditions? I’m just asking.

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