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Newsletter Issue #555: Antennagate: Facts Don’t Mean a Thing

You could argue that the iPhone 4 antenna debacle was unfortunate, accidental, and that Apple probably brought it on themselves by not responding to customer and media complaints quickly enough. The story got way out of hand, and when 24/7 cable news channels began to make headline hay out of it, you just know Apple’s competitors were laughing loudly and slapping themselves on their backs.

I also wonder about the sources behind some of the reports that Apple declared false, and it smells.

Take Bloomberg News, which claimed that Steve Jobs was warned by Ruben Caballero, his chief antenna engineer, about a potentially serious fallout because of the design choices made for the iPhone 4, but ignored them. Jobs says that story was untrue.

On Thursday, The New York Times alleged that Apple was going to install an internal bumper to address the issue. Again, Jobs said it just wasn’t so. But where did the “newspaper of record” get this story? Where’s their inside source?

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