Newsletter Issue #557: More Wackos Criticize Apple!

August 2nd, 2010

The other day I read yet another sharp critique of the iPhone 4, this one maintaining, that despite all the posted evidence to the contrary, the antenna is far inferior when judged against the competition and, worse, that the built-in cellular radio is of extremely poor quality.

In other words, except for the flashy extras, the iPhone 4 is basically a bad mobile phone, assuming you take that analysis seriously. Since I can’t, not because of any emotional commitment to the product, but in light of all the contrary evidence, I won’t bother to link to the source, nor to a notorious tabloid-style site that chooses to take such claims seriously.

At the same time, Apple has actually removed the comparative smartphone antenna information from their site, although you can still find the videos showing the consequences of a death grip on various models on YouTube. Naturally, this decision is apt to breed yet another conspiracy theory, that perhaps Apple was threatened with legal action or, in fact, had exaggerated their claims.

Or, perhaps more pertinent, maybe they just didn’t care to offer any publicity to the competition, now that the Antennagate scandal has died down and people are returning to their normal lives. And, of course, buying iPhones as fast as Apple can deliver them.

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