Newsletter Issue #559: Will They Ever Start Asking the Tough Questions?

August 16th, 2010

I have long been a critic of elements of the mainstream media who repeatedly fall down on the job when it comes to tech companies, particularly Apple. Some of the assumptions so-called expert commentators make would seem downright funny, if it wasn’t so tragic. I mean, how are the interests of a public who wants to be informed being served?

Yes, I do understand the problems they confront, having worked in the mainstream media, as a broadcast journalist, for a number of years. And, now, as the host of two radio talk shows, I have to toe the line between letting someone just talk and asking serious, sometimes critical questions. There’s a fine distinction between being responsible and just plain becoming insulting. Some hosts of mainstream interview shows fail to see the distinction.

At the same time, I have to wonder why far too many members of the press just let things slide when it comes to some of Apple’s critics, even though they are quick to lambast the company for real or imagined ills. If I had a penchant to believe conspiracy theories, I might even suggest some of Apple’s competitors are deliberately feeding some of these stories strictly for their own benefit.

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