Newsletter Issue #560: Adobe Fails Once Again to Answer the Flash Challenge

August 23rd, 2010

Let’s just turn back the clock a few months. Apple CEO Steve Jobs gets his lumps from my favorite enemies, an uninformed tech media, for stating unequivocally that Flash is not ready for Apple’s mobile platforms. Adobe cries crocodile tears to the Feds, and there’s an ongoing investigation by the FTC into this complaint and others.

On several occasions, I’ve issued a very public challenge to Adobe on this site and The Tech Night Owl LIVE: If they believe Flash can be made to run satisfactorily on the iOS — and that Apple is wrong to deny them the opportunity — it would be a trivial matter to stage a demonstration. Adobe is an Apple developer. They already build apps for the iOS, including a slimline version of Photoshop, so nothing ought to stop them from proving what they claim is true.

Except for one thing: Adobe has so far failed to demonstrate that they can build a credible mobile version of Flash!

After missing several self-imposed deadlines, there is a Flash 10.1 that’s now available for Google’s current Android OS, version 2.2. Unfortunately, Adobe didn’t realize, evidently, that product reviewers would actually put the thing to the test to see what it’s made of, and the results vindicate Jobs big time.

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