Newsletter Issue #565: The Apple Dodges More Bullets Report

September 27th, 2010

In recent weeks, Apple has decided to mend some broken fences and get the authorities off their backs. One recent example involves a loosening of App Store requirements and, at long last, release of a set of guidelines written in plain — and often very frank — English.

There are clear reasons for this change. One is that the policy that forces developers to use Apple’s own developer tools for iOS product is too restrictive and doesn’t recognize reality. The major gaming companies that Apple wants to support the platform often use cross-platform engines that allow them to write once, and easily deploy to different operating systems. Clearly it would be unrealistic to expect them to build an exclusive iOS version of many of their products.

Of course, most people focused on Adobe Flash, simply because Adobe’s spin machine was working overtime declaring that the big, bad Apple was being anticompetitive in denying them the right to port apps from Flash. That tool, by the way, is available in the latest version of the Adobe Creative Suite software bundle.

Apple’s posture was rather more technical, that such apps often catered to the lowest common denominator and would be late to support the best new iOS features. Substandard apps bring down the platform, and make it less competitive. How can you dispute that?

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