Newsletter Issue #569: Another Finger for Flash and Hard Drives Too

October 25th, 2010

As soon as Apple puts a new product into the wild, you just know that lots of devoted Mac users, and tech journalists too, will tear the thing apart to see what makes it tick. But also to see what features it may lack, or which aren’t well implemented.

It surely didn’t take long to discover that the new MacBook Air doesn’t ship with the Adobe Flash plugin preloaded. That’s no mistake and, in fact, future Macs of all models will also lack a preloaded Flash, according to Apple.

Now Apple’s excuse is that they want to make sure you receive the very latest version of Flash from Adobe to be sure that you aren’t susceptible to any potential security vulnerabilities. Consider the versions of Mac OS X that shipped with older versions. But do you really believe them? I didn’t think so.

Certainly, this may be yet another salvo in Apple’s attempts to banish Flash from the planet. The assumption is that, if it’s not already available, lots of Mac users may just not bother downloading a copy, but what do you do when you bring up a site that requires Flash? Pass it by? Or download the plugin?

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