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Newsletter Issue #574: Quick, to the Cloud!

Whenever I see another TV spot touting a Microsoft product, I have to wonder whether their ad agencies have a clue about how to create positive customer awareness. I mean, those ads are pathetic.

Take the one I saw recently, where some coworkers are pondering a solution to some sort of business problem, and one says it’s time to go to the cloud. Yes, my friends, the magical, mystical cloud, which is the common label for storing and working on things online. That may include movies and TV shows, but also increasingly represents a source for collaborative work in the business world.

By putting one’s data on a central server farm, there’s the advantage of having it available wherever you are, regardless of which device you might use to get online, be it a Mac, PC or mobile gadget of some sort. That, of course, is a good thing; that is, until or unless you’re not able to get Internet access, or a server failure makes your stuff inaccessible.

The problem with Microsoft, however, is that they make this “to the cloud” announcement something akin to a lame attempt to create a compelling message. But it reminds me of that famous 1960?s TV show, where Batman, the caped crusader, says to his cohort, Robin, “to the batmobile.”

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